IECP is an innovative alternative investment platform that consults, advises, and invest in portfolio companies across three sectors: Technology, Entertainment, and Trends. 




IECP sets itself apart through a unique combination of sector focus, influential partners, and commitment to diversity. IECP has a series of unique competitive advantages for portfolio companies and investors.



By investing in portfolios of companies in the Technology, Entertainment, and Trends sector investments see rapid growth that outpace typical alternative investment strategies due to the viral loops enabled by the unique platform of influencers.

Bringing together investments and high profile individuals to create promotions that result in a rapid viral cycle of consumer adoption.


IECP targets investments in minority owned companies, not only to return superior results to our investors, but also creating a positive social impact. The gap in current investment in minority segments indicates overlooked opportunities for growth.





Robert V. Smith is a former Division 1 athlete turned serial entrepreneur. He created a proprietary algorithmic formula known as the “Influencer Model” centered around the macroeconomic effects influencers have in TET (Technology, Entertainment, and Trends).

As the Founder & Managing Partner of IECP Ventures, he was the lead investor and fund manager playing an integral role in building a portfolio of over 80 portfolio companies with notable exits including: InDMusic acquired by LiveNation, FameBit acquired by Google, Pluto TV acquired by Viacom, Vessel acquired by Verizon, HelloGiggles acquired by Time Inc., StarMaker acquired by Everyone Happy and Overdog acquired by Odd Networks.

He is also the founder of Digima the first Impact focused Creative Agency and Venture Studio responsible for the creation and management of the NUE (Network of Untapped Entrepreneurs) Initiative.

His innovative Internet marketing concepts have led to identifying the most lucrative global niche markets in digital media. With extensive relationships in the world of sports and entertainment Robert has become a successful negotiation and brokerage liaison of key financial deals for numerous clients.


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